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One night time in a neighbourhood bar, one brother (Song Sae Byeok) is fervently explaining to a different (Lee Sun Kyun) why he invests in dear underwear, regardless of having been out of labor for eons.

He must all the time be in his finest underpants in order that within the event of an accident, when he’s taken to hospital and stripped, he can die a “tragic yet honourable death”.

The brothers within the South Korean drama My Mister – Park Ki Hoon (Song), a never-made-it film director, and Dong Hoon (Lee), a melancholy engineer – are the type you possibly can, for need of a greater phrase, describe as losers.

Their massive brother, Sang Hoon (Park Ho San), was retrenched years in the past. Nowadays, he’s both drunk with failure or worrying about how they’re to carry a grand funeral for his or her mom when that day dawns: How a lot of his former colleagues will present up or ship wreaths?

My Mister is definitely an workplace drama constructed round Dong Hoon, a mid-ranking constructing security inspector in a structural engineering agency, and Lee Ji An (IU), a surly temp and seeming sociopath who provides to assist Dong Hoon’s rival sabotage his profession.

The story develops into an intimate thriller as Ji An bugs Dong Hoon’s cell phone and plugs into his life 24/7, within the lead-up to the agency’s upcoming election for a brand new boss.

Dong Hoon has turn out to be a reluctant key participant within the vote due to his rivalry with the present chief govt, who was his junior again in school, and the conversations round Dong Hoon have turn out to be intelligence which Ji An gathers and makes use of towards him – or not.

IU and Lee Sun Kyun star in My Mister. PHOTO: TVN

Because her surveillance additionally offers her a window into Dong Hoon’s emotional life, in addition to the panorama of mid-life frustration – all of the hours he spends consuming along with his brothers and shutting out his spouse, who can also be getting her kicks elsewhere – Ji An begins to really feel for him.


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    three.5 stars

Furthermore, scenes of her each day battles for survival, when they’re overlaid with the inadvertent soundtrack from his life, counsel the 2 could also be kindred spirits.

Written by Park Hae Young and directed by Kim Won Suk, the present has the low-key depth of Kim’s Signal (2016) and Misaeng (2014), but additionally the flavour and soul of Park’s Another Miss Oh (2016).

And a lot of My Mister’s depth is in its survey of the folks who have been left behind in a aggressive, conformist society, from Dong Hoon’s drunken, underachieving brothers to Ji An’s bedridden grandmother.

Down however not solely out after years of indignity, they’re people who nonetheless rage, rave or have an urge for food for pleasure.

And that is an thought the present faucets for spirited comedy and in addition distils into an unforgettable picture – Ji An’s grandmother as a geriatric E.T., tucked in a blanket and wheeled round in a purchasing trolley for a moonlit stroll.

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