A pair is attempting to show Dover isn’t the “worst” place to reside in England

A Lithuanian couple who moved to Dover in Kent has arrange a Facebook web page devoted to extolling the virtues of the English city. They did so as a result of despite the fact that it was named Britain’s least favorite city in a survey of the UK’s worst locations to reside, they felt in a different way and needed to share the good magnificence they found there.

Lithuanian couple Arnoldo and David Zarembiene and their canine Cat and Chaos. Image: Shepherds of Dover

Arnoldo Zarembiene is from Siaulia and her husband David is from Vilnius they usually met in Aalborg, Denmark. They moved to London three years in the past with their German Shepherd Cat and French Shepherd Chaos, and loved travelling across the nation. Arnoldo liked taking pictures of the sights they encountered alongside the way in which.

A Facebook web page celebrates Dover’s magnificence. Image: Shepherds of Dover

“The excellent public transport system in Britain allows you to take dogs everywhere, so we travelled far and wide ,” Arnoldo tells Lonely Planet. “We planned our first holiday week in Wales, we visited the moors of Devon, we’ve seen the midlands and we walked the abandoned places of Surrey. But out of all places we visited, Dover was the one that I could never forget.”

A Lithuanian couple has arrange a Facebook web page about Dover’s magnificence. Image: Shepherds of Dover

Arnoldo made a spontaneous resolution to purchase prepare tickets to Dover one night in August 2016, and the one factor she knew about it was that it’s situated by the ocean. “The next morning we packed the dogs and boarded the train to discover what changed our lives forever,” she says. “But I’ll by no means forger the calmness that struck us all after I left the station, the recent air and smiling folks, and there aren’t any phrases to explain my face after I noticed the citadel for the primary time.

A Facebook web page is devoted to Dover’s magnificence. Image: Shepherds of Dover

“We walked the high street, circled the castle grounds and walked the White Cliffs, and then came all the way back and further to discover the Western Highs. We were sitting overlooking the whole town, with sheep in the distance on one side and the castle on the other, when I said, ‘We will move here one day.’”

Facebook web page, Shepherds of Dover, focuses on Dover’s magnificence. Image: Shepherds of Dover

When they returned to London, Arnoldo spent weeks studying about Dover, watching documentaries and dreaming of the day she may name Dover home. They moved there on 1 July 2017  and she or he says she and David are “ecstatic” to be dwelling there now.

Dover pictured at evening. Image: Shepherds of Dover

“I would love to compare it to any town I’ve lived in, but that’s just impossible,” she says. “There is no other place to have so much history in it, to make you wonder, to have your wildest fantasies come true. What do you like – fields of freedom? Here. Castles? Yes, here. War remains? Obviously. Fan of medieval times? Plenty of places to discover. Shipwrecks, nature, the best preserved European lighthouse from 50AD, churches, animals, cliffs, and the walks under them during low tide.”

A Lithuanian couple has arrange a Facebook web page about Dover’s magnificence. Image: Shepherds of Dover

Arnoldo and David created the Facebook web page Shepherds of Dover to doc their discoveries and present the great thing about Dover to these who reside there and people who don’t. “I could take hours to talk about things I love here, but the truth is, even after months of wandering around, I am still discovering new places that take my breath away,” says Arnoldo.

A Facebook web page shares pictures taken in Dover, Kent. Image: Shepherds of Dover

“The other day I discovered Admiralty Pier, and couldn’t understand how something so brilliant was here all along and it took me so long to find it.  The town itself is filled with history for those that are not afraid to look for it,  and the centre of Dover is filled with beautiful architecture and historical sights.”

A pair arrange a Facebook web page about Dover. Image: Shepherds of Dover

Check out the Shepherds of Dover’s Facebook web page right here.

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