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Doctor apologises for Okay-idol’s botched surgical procedure, Entertainment News & Top Stories

SEOUL • The physician who carried out a lipoma elimination process on actress Han Ye Seul apologised for botching it in an interview uploaded to YouTube final Saturday.

Dr Lee Ji Hyun of Cha Medical Centre in Gangnam admitted to damaging Han’s pores and skin from the within whereas he was eradicating the lipoma, a non-cancerous tumour of fatty tissue beneath the pores and skin.

“It’s easier to remove the tumour if surgery is done right around the lipoma. But considering that she is an actress, I suggested removing it from below, (so) she could cover up the scar with clothing,” he mentioned.

But the electrical knife reduce via the pores and skin from beneath by mistake whereas he was stripping and exfoliating the lipoma, he mentioned.

In response to latest hypothesis, he additionally clarified that he didn’t graft pores and skin from different elements of Han’s physique or a donor.

Han has been transferred to a hospital that specialises in rehabilitation of burnt pores and skin to obtain medical treatment and minimise her scar.

“I made a wrong decision and I am very sorry. I would like to hereby apologise to Han Ye Seul once more,” Dr Lee mentioned.

Cha Medical Centre mentioned in a press release issued final Saturday that it will compensate Han for medical malpractice.

The 36-year-old has acted in dramas akin to Birth Of A Beauty (2014) and Children Of 20th Century (2017).


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