Egyptian entrepreneurs have created a scratch map travel journal

If you’re a fan of travel journals, chances are you’ll be inquisitive about one that’s designed to a present a private file of every traveller’s experiences. Two Egyptian entrepreneurs and pals, Khaled Moneir and Amr Mashaly, have created Wanderkit, a travelling journal that incorporates an embedded scratch map the place you possibly can scratch off the nations you’ve visited and file your ideas and suggestions.

Khaled Moneir and and Amr Mashaly created the Wanderkit travel journal. Image: Wanderkit

“Amr and I first got to know to each other during university, when we worked at the student union of the German University in Cairo,” Khaled tells Lonely Planet. “We launched our first startup together, Bosla Consultancy, and after we graduated, I was expressing my dream of having a travelling products start-up, when Khaled told me that he had the same dream. We shared a passion of offering a better experience to travellers around the world. We had so many ideas as we have lived and travelled a lot, and we wanted to embrace the travel culture and provide it with a necessary component that could complement one’s travel experience.”

Wanderkit travel journal has a scratch map. Image: Wanderkit

Khaled and Amr interviewed greater than two dozen travellers from completely different nations, and found that one of many issues that mattered to all of them was documenting recollections of the travel expertise itself. This impressed them to create their very own travel journal known as Wanderkit, designed by Ingie El Seddawy. Their first version is devoted to Egypt and it contains each world maps and home travel maps. It gives travellers an embedded scratch map to mark the nations they’ve travelled to, and it’ll work with its forthcoming companion app, which you should use to scan the included QR codes, giving you quick access to important travel data particular to your location.

Wanderkit travel journal data experiences, ideas, suggestions and tips. Image: Wanderkit

“It also has checklists to help plan your trips and pack your bags, and many blank pages to write down your thoughts, and stick in your photographs, tickets and travel plan,” says Khaled. “Each blank page has a different inspiring quote or proverb on travel by writers and travellers. We launched in Egypt with 500 copies that were sold out in a week, and we plan to launch internationally very soon. We’re excited to see where Wanderkit goes in the coming year.”

Wanderkit travel journal has checklists to make journeys run easily. Image: Wanderkit

If you have an interest within the worldwide version of Wanderkit, subscribe for Wanderkit news right here. There’s additional info on the Facebook web page right here or Instagram right here.

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