Jalan Gurney – Malaysia’s Untapped Freehold Investment Neighbourhood

Kuala Lumpur city centre is the first place for property investors to seek investment opportunities in Malaysia. As the Malaysian real estate industry booms in the never-ending development, so do the purchases of unique land investment opportunities by foreign and local investors.

Kuala Lumpur investment jackpot used to be right next to the country’s tourist landmark Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) with its own shopping Mall, with residential condominiums, hotels and top-grade office blocks popping up at ever small corner possible.

In the early 1990s, anyone was able to purchase a bungalow house with 10,000sqft land for around $80,000 on average. This way before KLCC was built. At the time the area was filled with badly built sewerage systems, incredibly shaky roads with potholes every few feet away, and was absolutely no option for a middle-class family or individual investor.

What individual investors missed out was what the property developers in Malaysia with their foreign investors jumped in and profited from. Some developers bought land and waited, while others with enough funding bought and build their office lots. As time passed those that held onto their lands is able to watch as their investment value jumped over 50 times the purchased price. Whatever the developers did with the land eventually cashed in more than they could have ever imagined at the time. Now that is why understanding the prosperity and positive effects on iconic developments done specifically with the support of the country’s government is so important.

Jalan Gurney Investment KLCC area

When the Malaysian government supported the KLCC area project, the clever investors understood that any government led project would come with surrounding infrastructure improvements, which itself would bring in more development and eventually shoot up the prices of land and any existing properties nearby.

Today it is hard to find a house with land nearby KLCC area for sale as anyone who has that land is doing what they should be! – Keeping the land until prices jump and keep jumping. There is just no more land now and many middle class investors who has less than $10 million as an investment capital has absolutely no chance of purchasing grounded property.

But what if we could tell you a secret? A new mix development project that is around 6 to 8 minutes from the Twin Towers and three minutes drive from the Double Tree Hilton Hotel. This new project is the iconic trademark of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak with its own top graded office, residential units, shopping mall and an international convention centre.

It is located walking distance from Jalan Gurney and as well as to the new MRT planned for the area. This iconic place is expected to increase nearby property prices once construction is finished. With the full support of the local government, this project FELCRA & SEMARAK 20 has already attracted other developers to buy neighbouring land and freehold residential housing properties that can be converted to commercial as the area transforms into a potential high-end metropolitan neighbourhood.

As the properties located on Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra are being targeted by investors, one road that has gone unnoticed is Jalan Gurney which is the first road connected at the junction where Jalan Tun Razak meets Sultan Yahya Petra. This road is a freehold residential area where some small investors have already bought some land and converted into a commercial use. This road and surrounding its surrounding are expected to all be bought up by developers in the coming few years and many houses are already taking the opportunity to sell, while others wait for their property prices to increase once FELCRA is completed.

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