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When Jonah, my four-year-old son, will get in a bate – often both as a result of I’ve put cheese on his pasta, or as a result of I haven’t – he’s susceptible to stomp to the entrance door and announce: “I’m fed up with all of you. I don’t want to be in this family. I’m going to live somewhere else for ever.”

By “somewhere else”, it seems he means “on the front doorstep in East Finchley”; by “live” he means “stand sulking”; and by “for ever” he means “45 seconds”. There’s my little chip off the previous block! He actually has inherited his father’s rugged individualism, defiance of conference and starvation for distant horizons.

But each of us are put to disgrace by the unnamed Australian 12-year-old who, when his mum and pop cancelled the household holiday to Bali, thought, “Bugger that for a game of soldiers”, and went anyway. That is, he made free with the parental bank card, reserving flights and a pleasant resort on-line, then grabbed his passport and did one.

He was reported lacking, however no person thought to examine the airports (why would anybody have thought to examine the airports, to be truthful?) so it was 9 days earlier than it emerged that he had hopped on a aircraft in Sydney, modified in Perth and neatly checked into the Bali resort he had booked, saying he was ready for his sister to reach.

The report I learn didn’t, regrettably, specify how he was found, however I wish to suppose he was on a solar lounger in some garish board shorts, sporting a big mushy drink with an umbrella in it, smiling winningly on the passing girls. He is quoted as saying of his unaccompanied jaunt: “It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

What somewhat scamp! This unnamed lad joins a distinguished lineage of literary runaways that features Treasure Island’s Jim Hawkins, Frankenstein’s monster (final seen “going on an adventure” on an arctic ice floe), most of Joseph Conrad’s heroes, and Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York – which, except I miss my guess, is the place he discovered discuss his manner right into a resort.

As a lot as our response to this story can be to tut-tut about safeguarding procedures and joined-up policing, and the way unimaginably terrible it might be had our personal youngsters absconded like that, there’s a component buried in all of us that simply thinks: what a baller! The grownup face is a masks of horror; the internal youngster yelps with envy. How many people earnestly packed the contents of our piggy banks, a penknife or catapult and a few important provisions right into a knotted hanky and ran away from home – solely to be scooped up by our dad and mom three-quarters of an hour later, having stopped to eat our Marmite sandwiches on the backside of the road? In actuality, operating away from home – actually operating away from home – as a rule ends badly. Yet that does nothing to quash the romantic fantasy of circuses, a life at sea, or – as on this case – white sands, palm timber and drinks with umbrellas in them.

And the fantasy has a grip on us as a result of the older we get, the much less braveness we have. We could lengthy to go away our lives and head out on the street like Woody Guthrie, Jack Kerouac and Reacher or The Littlest Hobo, however we gained’t. Even after we have been youthful and fewer smart, we didn’t. But we wish to think about we might have. So a lot so, that generally we fake we did. Do you bear in mind Tony Blair’s declare, quickly debunked, that as a baby he had tried to stow away on a flight to the Bahamas?

Bali boy actually did it, and he did it, in a way, on behalf of all of us. Next time Jonah heads for the entrance door, I’m going to clasp him proudly to my bosom, slip my bank card into his pocket and whisper: “Run, Forrest, run!” into his ear. I’ll catch a specific amount of uphill from my spouse, the police and members of the below-the-line commenting neighborhood, however will probably be price it. Can you set a value on a dream?

• Sam Leith is an creator, journalist and literary editor of the Spectator

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