Norwegian couple design the last word eco-igloo island getaway

Stunning pictures have revealed a £297Okay eco-igloo home for practising yoga underneath the Northern Lights. The 240-square-metre igloo home has a 175-square-metre geodesic glass dome for its exterior, creating the igloo form and a greenhouse impact which offers heat to the in depth backyard the place a household grows herbs, greens and have a number of fruit timber. The backyard will get its water and vitamins from a wastewater treatment system.

Eco igloo home underneath the Northern Lights. Photo by

Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger and Benjamin Hjertefølger are each permaculturists who designed deliberate and constructed their final eco-home on Sandhornøy, an island in Northern Norway. “We are holistic, nature-loving, freethinking, open-minded permaculturists,” stated Ingrid.

Practising yoga against a stunning backdrop
Yoga time on the eco-igloo. Photo by:

“We love to learn new things and expand our horizons. We believe in accepting others opinions and sustaining inner peace. “We have a garden in the dome with edible plants that get its water and nutrients from our wastewater treatment system. We researched natural building techniques from around the world and came across an article about a nature house in Sweden in 2010. We went to see the house and fell in love with the concept, and designed our own version.” With assist from Stardome Industries, this labour of affection took over a yr and a half of labor till the couple and their three kids may transfer in.

Dining area of the igloo in northern Norway
Kitchen and eating room on the eco-igloo. Photo

The home itself is fabricated from cob and straw bales packed tightly collectively to construct the partitions and plastered over. This is a standard eco construct approach that has existed for hundreds of years and has lately seen a revival within the approach in each North America and Europe.

The eco-home in Sandhornoy
Picturesque view of the eco-igloo home in northern Norway. Photo by:

Since constructing their eco igloo home, it has grow to be an area attraction with individuals taking photos and commenting on their distinctive home. “Visitors comment on the calm and peaceful atmosphere,” stated Ingrid. “Some people cry. They are somehow moved by the whole thing.”

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