One girl is utilizing her bike to find road artwork tradition across the world

In the summer time of 2017, German graphic designer and photographer Nina Schwarzenberg determined to merge her two loves; biking and road artwork. Packing up her digital camera gear, she set off on an formidable journey to find communities of artists in several international locations across the world whereas experiencing the liberty of travelling by bike.

Nina and her buddy Mareike in Athens. Image by You Have To Sit Here

Starting in Venice, Nina cycled alongside the coast of Italy and thru Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece, earlier than going to Israel. “Travelling by bike is truly the most amazing thing I have ever done. The freedom that comes with it is incredible. You’re very flexible and don’t have to wait for buses or trains, you can go off the beaten track and explore lesser known places and use paths that cars can’t get near to. In cities, you don’t have to sit in traffic or struggle to find a parking spot. You experience the country in so much more detail, the texture of the roads, the wildlife, the smells, the wind, the hills, the people,” Nina informed Lonely Planet Travel News.

Street art by A Place to Create in Melbourne.
A road artwork piece entitled “A Place to Create” in Melbourne. Image by Nina Schwarzenberg

Upon reaching a brand new place, Nina contacts native road artists, typically by Instagram, or she meets up with mates of artists that she has met in different cities. “Sometimes I just bump into people while they are doing projects and I just start talking to them and ask if I can take pictures. Once I met two German guys on a night out and they turned out to be street artists who were in Tel Aviv to do a street art project the next day. So it can be quite random and spontaneous sometimes,” Nina stated.

A Graffiti Fun workshop in Amsterdam. Image by Nina Schwarzenberg

While assembly up with strangers in new places can typically be daunting, Nina has found that her curiosity in artwork works as the proper icebreaker. “Most street artists are graphic designers too, so we have loads to talk about. It’s a great way to meet interesting, local people and learn about the country and the career in different countries and to get recommendations. No tour guide needed. I also learn about different street art techniques, which is best for the different artwork people want to represent and which walls are most suitable for those different techniques. Some of the street artists that I’ve met taught me how they work and let me do some of their pieces. I also find that I learn a lot about myself and my photography doing these shoots,” Nina stated.

Next on Nina’s travel record is Morocco, Japan and Canada. When locations are separated by an incredible distance, she normally checks her bicycle in and flies, earlier than taking to the highway once more.

Street artist Marshal in Hamburg.
Street artist Marshal in Hamburg. Image by Nina Schwarzenberg

More of Nina’s work, in addition to data and a weblog about her travels is obtainable at her official web site.

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