Photographer brings the adventures of a ‘lost astronaut’ all the way down to earth

A placing photograph collection depicting a ‘lost astronaut’ exploring Earth’s most lovely landscapes is gaining traction on-line. The venture, referred to as Dive Inside Your Space, is the brainchild of Siberian photographer, Alexandr Ivanec.

Hitching a raise again to Mars. Photo by Alexandr Ivanec

He tells Lonely Planet how the thought happened; “Last April, I heard on the radio that this yr marks the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s orbit across the Earth. We determined to dedicate this venture to Gagarin’s flight, rapidly making an area swimsuit out of no matter was at hand, and heading into the mountains of Altai Republic to movie. We didn’t have a transparent plan for a way and the place we’d shoot; it was all selected the go.”

Alexandr Ivanec's 'lost astronaut'
The astronaut explores Earth’s landscapes. Photo by: Alexandr Ivanec

Quickly, Alexandr began receiving optimistic suggestions, prompting him to dream up extra magical settings for the pictures. “The astronaut began to rapidly gain popularity”, he remembers, “and so, we determined to shoot it in uncommon atmospheric phenomena that will emphasize all of the attraction of our multifaceted planet. We’ve shot in fog, throughout dawn and sundown, at night time, on mountains; anyplace that enhances the impact. Of course, I’m proud – and somewhat envious – of any astronaut who’s fortunate sufficient to go to house, however when you actually wish to realise your dream, you are able to do it, like I have. Everyone has their very own imaginative and prescient, and model of house.

The 'lost astronaut' relaxing
Alexandr desires to hunt out new locations to . Photo by Alexandr Ivanec

Living within the Siberian metropolis of Novosibirsk, Alexandr is consistently surrounded by pure magnificence. “Most of the year, we have snow,” he says. “The bulk of the planet still lives on the other side of the globe where snow is a miracle, but we can easily shoot this interesting natural phenomenon. Temperatures of -30 or even -40 are not so comfortable, but the shots turn out incredibly well. The astronaut is always with me in the car, and at the first opportunity, we go into the woods or mountains. I really want to explore the planet with the astronaut, and find more unique places.”

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