The Russian dancer who stop her job to travel the world doing yoga

Working as a dancer in her native Russia, Ekaterina Terenina, dreamed of travelling to the United States. However after she was failed in her efforts to safe a visa, she found herself with a choice to make. She was incomes good cash in her job however felt bored with work . “I was completely uninterested in everything, tired from work and had no personal life, I had low self-esteem and physical lethargy,” Ekaterina says.

Ekaterina in Almeria. Image by Ekaterina Terenina /

At that time, she determined to proceed together with her plans however as a substitute of the US, she moved to Phuket in Thailand, with none plan or route. “When I went travelling I began to sleep well at night, was always warm, swam in the sea, met so many people and my mood began to rise,” she says now.

Ekaterina performs a salutation pose in Montenegro. Image by Ekaterina Terenina /

Following that she determined to travel to Nepal the place she enrolled in a yoga instructing course. “I chose Nepal for teaching because it was a completely new and unusual country for me. It was a great way to get out of my comfort zone, because the course was completely on English language which I wasn’t very fluent on,” she mentioned.

Ekaterina started her travels in Thailand final yr, Image by Ekaterina Terenina /

Since then she has travelled to seven international locations in a single yr, together with; Thailand, Spain and Italy, documenting her yoga poses on Instagram.  Posts present extra yoga poses towards the backdrop of Montenegro, Balkans, and within the conventional lotus place in entrance of a quaint Nepalese temple.

Ekaterina on a seaside in Barcelona. Image by Ekaterina Terenina/

“I became more confident, freer. But I appreciate every period of my life; even the worst periods takes us somewhere,” she displays.  “The solely factor about this lifestyle is that I don’t have a gentle residing with a home and a everlasting life; I’m at all times residing out of a suitcase and might’t be in a single place for lengthy.

In Nepal the place she travelled to study to show yoga. Image by Ekaterina Terenina /

“Yoga has taught me how to listen to my heart and following the right path. ” And what does she say to somebody desirous about taking off and travelling? “My advice is that you don’t need to be afraid to go where you want to go and want to be. Try to do what you want to do. The world is open to any person if the person is open to the world.”


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