US photographer takes wonderful photos of the Dolomites

Breathtaking photos have captured the unbelievable peaks of the Dolomites mountain vary because the area turns from day to nighttime. The sequence of images present an aerial view of the world-famous peaks, trying down on the plush inexperienced timber under, fluffy clouds masking the mountains and the glistening formation of the Milky Way above.

Breathtaking picture of the Dolomites. Image by Michael Shainblum /

Images reveal the pink hues of dawn hitting the mountains and night time falling silent. The photos had been taken on the Italian mountain vary by photographer Michael Shainblum (27) from San Francisco, USA. “I have been wanting to shoot images of these mountains for a very long time. The Dolomites are such incredible and striking peaks,” stated Michael. “I simply actually needed to expertise this place for myself and see what sort of photos and time lapses I might create.

The pink hues of dawn hitting the mountains. Image by Michael Shainblum /

“Standing among these incredible peaks almost does not feel like reality. It felt as though I was standing in a fairy tale. I wanted to capture that feeling and emotion in the photographs. Weather was a bit tough during the trip. There was a lot of rain and cloud cover. I spent a good amount of time waiting for clearings in the storms to create the images and time lapses. These moments would often only last a few minutes. I love the feeling of being out in nature, traveling and seeing new places. Hiking around and waiting for the right moments to capture the scenes.”

Stunning photos of the Dolomites. Image by Michael Shainblum /

The Dolomites, often known as the ‘Pale Mountains’, are a mountain vary in north-eastern Italy, forming a part of the Southern Limestone Alps. In August 2009, the mountain vary was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. “I have had many people see these images and time lapses and tell me they have booked a trip to go see these beautiful mountains,” added Michael. “I love creating my art and sharing it with people. It means a lot when that inspires someone to go out and have their own experience at the places I have photographed. Even if my images just make one person happy for a moment or inspires someone to get out there and explore more, that just makes me really proud to be a photographer and filmmaker.”

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