Visit a home in Brooklyn the place every room is painted a special color

A singular artwork set up has opened in Brooklyn, New York City that enables company to discover the inside of an eye catching, specially-built home that options seven totally different rooms every adorned in a special daring color.

The orange room at Monocrhome in New York City. Image by Foam Foto 2018 / Cj Hendry

Created by Cj Hendry, Monochrome is the Australian artist’s fifth solo exhibition, and sees her making a stark departure from her well-known, hyper-realistic black and white pen drawings of objects and kitsch popular culture to discover color.

The home accommodates seven rooms in whole. Image by Foam Foto 2018 / Cj Hendry

“I am new to colour, not too sure if I understand it yet. Before, when I drew in black ink, all the focus was on the object because all the emotion of colour was removed. Now I stare at my drawings and feel..just different. I can’t explain it. Colour is exciting and sad and frustrating and confusing. Colour is all around us, it’s everywhere. Colour is not a physical thing, it’s a thing that describes something else,” Cj stated.

The pink room at the Monochrome exhibition.
The pink room on the Monochrome exhibition. Image by Foam Foto 2018 / Cj Hendry

The new set up sees a 22,000-square-foot industrial area in Greenpoint getting used to suit a home with seven tailor-made rooms in several colors, each that includes on a regular basis objects and artwork hanging on the partitions. Guests can take a journey by way of the home to expertise the visible affect that color can have on an area.

The exhibition is a stark departure from the artist’s earlier black and white drawings. Image by Foam Foto 2018 / Cj Hendry

“People generally buy art as the last item, they find art to match their home. I have become close with my collectors over the years and have noticed how differently they live their lives. Art is the first thing they add to a space and they design their entire home around their collection. I have taken this concept to an extreme level. Each room has been designed to emulate the art on the wall. The art is the focus, everything matches the art,” Cj stated.

Monochrome is on show till eight April at 276 Greenpoint Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

More of CJ Hendry’s work is on the market at her official web site.

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