World’s first Klingon centre Visit Qo’noS opens its doorways in Sweden

Fans of hit sci-fi present Star Trek can be over the moon to listen to that the world’s first Klingon centre is opening in Stockholm in Sweden at this time.  An interstellar collaboration between the Klingon Institute of Cultural Exchange and the Stockholm theatre, Turteatern, the doorways of Visit Qo’noS have sprung open on the venue within the metropolis.

There can be stay performances showcasing Klingon tradition. Image by Visit Qo’noS/Chrisander Brun

Focusing in on the fictional warrior race, the centre will give people the possibility to find out about their tradition and traditions by means of live-performances similar to a sing-along, opera and adaptation of Romyo je joloywI’ (higher recognized on Earth as Romeo and Juliet).  The non-hologram live-act presentation is carried out by the 4 Klingon ambassadors Ban’Shee, Mara, Morath and Klag, all from the House of Duras.

Visit Qo'noS/Chrisander Brun
Another Klingon Ambassador, Mara with a set of lethal knives. Image by Visit Qo’noS/Chrisander Brun

Visit Qo’noS is a non-profit fan fiction undertaking and can run from three February  till 24 March.  The centre can be sticking firmly to Klingon’s roots and guests to the centre will get vacationer info similar to a map of the Klingon capital, First City.

Klingon Ambassador Klag in full costume at Visit Qo’noS. Image by Visit Qo’noS/Chrisander Brun

“Fans from all over the world have contacted us, and some will come all the way from US and Germany” Artistic Director Nils Poletti informed Lonely Planet. “There are a lot of Trekker and SF fan associations in Sweden (such as Stockholm Trekkers, West cost Trekkers, Trekkers i Södra Sverge, Trekkers i Östra Sverige, Star Trek databas, Comicon, Närcon) and the Klingon Academy (Klingonska Akademien) is based here, but I think most fans have not yet come out as Trekkers…”

The live-performances have been fastidiously chosen with emphasis on custom. Image by Visit Qo’noS/Chrisander Brun

Trekkies are recognized to be a passionate bunch and in keeping with Poletti, the Klingon Ambassadors really feel just like the picture of themselves spreading by means of the TV collection Star Trek Discovery is deceptive and incorrect.

“It is the first and only one of its kind on earth and in the entire Alpha Quadrant [part of the Milky Way where Earth lies, in Star Trek lore]” added Poletti. “And as a visitor you will get the possibility to try their cuisine, you will get to listen to Klingon opera, see Klingon theatre, and a chance to acquire useful lifesaving tips in your everyday interaction with Klingons and Klingon customs, so that you may plan your holiday to their great empire and the First City on the planet Qo’noS without risking  any discomfort and/or premature death.”

You can discover out extra details about the live-performance schedule right here.

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