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Instagram is legendary for holiday snaps. Open the app at any given time and your feed is certain to incorporate photos of individuals sunning themselves on a seaside, mountaineering a snowy mountain or rambling down a cobbled metropolis avenue someplace in Europe. And if pals, households and celebrities can have an Instagram account devoted to their adventures, why not a tiny astronaut?

Pete on the website of the Azure Window in Malta. Image by John Egiziano / The Wandering Astronaut

Started by John Egiziano, The Wandering Astronaut is a enjoyable pictures venture that options photographs of an motion determine of NASA astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad as he travels throughout the United States of America. The venture was initially impressed by John’s fascination with NASA and house travel. “I was standing under the Saturn V rocket at the Kennedy Space Center in 2014 when my life changed. I was awestruck and humbled by its size and the history that it represented. I immediately became a NASA addict. Since then, I have read as much as I can about the history of NASA from the beginning of the idea of space travel to present day technological research and development programs,” John informed Lonely Planet Travel News.

Pete at North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
Pete at North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Image by John Egiziano / The Wandering Astronaut

Almost a yr after that fateful journey, John started enjoying with taking perspective pictures of the collectable motion determine. “I chose Pete because he was a Navy guy, he rode a motorcycle, and he was known to have a good sense of humour. He and I had a lot in common. Also, who travels more than an astronaut? They are today’s new frontier explorers,” John mentioned.

Pete chilling by the pool in Tucson, Arizona during Spacefest.
Pete chilling by the pool in Tucson, Arizona throughout Spacefest. Image by John Egiziano / The Wandering Astronaut

Keen travellers, each time John and his spouse took a visit, the tiny astronaut joined them, and earlier than lengthy, they’d a visible diary of in every single place that they’d been. The first voyage with Pete consisted of a street journey from Pennsylvania to Washington State, by means of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and into Utah. With some encouragement, John determined to begin an Instagram account devoted to Pete’s rambles.

Pete singing within the rain in New York City. Image by John Egiziano / The Wandering Astronaut

“Every step of the way I was taking shots with Pete. From the mundaneness of our hotel room to snapping beautiful views of Yellowstone National Park, he was there. I do it because I love to travel and share our adventures with others. Also doing what I do gives me a creative outlet that my day job can’t give me,” John mentioned.

Pete on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Image by John Egiziano / The Wandering Astronaut

On any given journey, John mentioned that passers-by typically cease to look at him work with Pete, amused by the quirky poses and artistic ways in which he shoots.

More pictures of Pete and John’s adventures can be found at thewanderingastronaut Instagram web page.

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