Google Maps has launched new options in Indonesia

Visitors to Indonesia could possibly transfer extra shortly across the nation to any extent further. Google Maps has launched plenty of upgrades to its capabilities within the Asian nation, aimed toward serving to each motorcyclists and automobile drivers transfer extra effectively in Indonesia.

Motorbikes are very fashionable modes of transport in Indonesia. Image: Herianus Herianus / EyeEm

Noting on its weblog that bikes outnumber vehicles by seven to 1 on the streets, Google Maps says that the two-wheeled autos usually drive at totally different speeds to vehicles. As a outcome, it has launched a ‘motorcycle mode’ to its app to recognise that bikes have particular wants. “Motorists can take routes that can not be passed by cars such as narrow streets and alleys,” it says. “There are also certain roads that motorcycles can not pass, such as toll roads.” The company mentioned that the two-wheeler function will use machine studying based mostly on motorbike speeds to estimate extra correct travel instances for riders. Other updates embrace collaborating with ride-sharing companies to make it simpler to search out ojeks or taxis.

Google Maps has launched motorcyle mode in Indonesia. Image: Marianna Massey

Google Maps has additionally launched a function designed to assist drivers in Jakarta to search out various routes through the odd-even licence plate hours. This system was first applied in August 2016, and through these hours, vehicles with licence plates ending in even numbers can use the roads on even quantity dates on weekdays from 7am to 10am and 5pm to 7.30pm. Google Maps will ask customers to decide on both the odd and even automobile licence plate, and if the automobile can’t cross the route at the moment, it should redirect it to an alternate route.

Downtown Jakarta in Indonesia. Image: amadeustx/Shutterstock

There can also be a function to assist customers discover various routes for customers driving throughout Car Free Day. While launching the capabilities, Google product administration vice-president, Caesar Sengupta, mentioned that the motorbike mode operate can be rolled out to extra nations within the coming months.

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