Stacked delivery containers make wonderful diving tower

Incredible photographs have revealed the quirky diving tower made by stacking delivery containers on prime of one another. Stunning pictures present the intense yellow containers stacked and turned regularly extra every time to create an intersection.

The diving tower made by stacking delivery containers on prime of one another. Image by Mie Marie Reindahl Clausen /

Other photos present individuals diving off the brand new construction, the containers lit up at evening and different services together with showers. The construction is the work of Sweco Architects who reworked an outdated ferry port in Denmark right into a unbelievable water creation spot. They defined the considering behind the Water Sports Center Haisskov.

The Water Sports Center Haisskov. Image by Mads Fredrik /

“The project emphasizes the special raw character of the site, both in the selection of new materials and the recycling of existing ones,” stated a spokesperson. “The concrete piers have been uncovered and fragments of bulwarks and harbour fittings have been preserved. The undertaking is an architectural intervention that can guarantee accessibility to the water and
water sports activities actions on the outdated ferry port. The diving tower is the realm’s seen marker. The tower is designed for a soar from 4, eight and 11 metres and has a particular yellow sign color that may be seen from the Great Belt Bridge.

Architects reworked an outdated ferry port in Denmark into this unbelievable creation. Image by Mads Fredrik /

“The tower is made of three stacked containers that turn gradually to generate an interesting interaction between activity, shadows and volumes.” As a steady theme, the undertaking recycles as many supplies as attainable from the previous port, both immediately or by way of upcycling. The space’s boundaries and benches include the previous bulwarks from the ferry port, whereas new wood decks include sawn bulwark.  The facility buildings, additionally constructed by containers, are lined with warmth handled wooden from sustainable forestry that ensures minimal upkeep. On the power aspect, LED lighting is used to attenuate complete consumption.”

Words: Mark McConville/

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